Apply to become a benefiting charity

The charity selection process takes place once each year in January. The application process consists of completing an application form and providing background details of the charity mission and purpose, describing a specific project or programme for which funding is being sought, and providing some supporting documentation (such as annual report and financials). Application forms are not sent out until December. Generally the minimum level of funding we will provide to each charity is $20,000 and the maximum is $100,000.

Once we have received an application we arrange a meeting with the Charity staff to learn details of the charitable work, the specific project, funding needs and timing. From this the Foundation Secretariat prepares a briefing for the Foundation Board and represents each of the charities in a selection review board meeting which takes place at the end of May.

Each benefiting charity is asked to provide a letter to the Foundation authorising the Foundation to fundraise on its behalf. Benefiting charities are also asked to help with volunteers at the events, to help secure one small auction item and to assist with selling Art Union or Raffle tickets.

The Foundation’s main fundraising events take place in July, November and February. Full distribution of pledged funds takes place in March and June in the year following selection.

All organisations MUST be a registered charity in New South Wales or be recognized as having equivalent status e.g. by act of parliament. Proof of status is a requirement of the application. The Authority to Fundraise must be valid for the entire time to the Foundation is fundraising on the organisation’s behalf (i.e. until 31 March the following year).

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